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Crane Hot Line

Scanreco Heavy Duty Mini Transmitter Offers Maximum Customizability for OEMs

May 30,2018 - Designed for heavy-duty use, Scanreco’s Mini Transmitter is also compact and easily customized to meet OEM and system integrator requirements. The Mini Transmitter can accommodate 1-6 linear levers or 1-3 joysticks, as well as several pushbuttons and switches. Operator feedback is available via high-performance color display, monochrome display or LEDs, and despite its compact footprint the Mini’s ergonomic design supports hours of daily usage without causing operator fatigue. The stop function conforms to performance level “d” (PL d) as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems. 

The Mini Transmitter communicates with the corresponding receiver using a Scanreco protocol and a unique identity code, which guarantees that no other transmitter (Scanreco or other manufacturer) can activate the machine unintentionally. In the case of a damaged transmitter, the new unit can be easily connected and paired to the existing receiver. The units are locked like the prior version with no special programming required. 

Scanreco Mini Transmitter features include:

  • 1-6 linear levers or 1-3 joysticks
  • Operator feedback by LED, monochrome or color display
  • Stop function in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 3, PL d
  • Frequency bands: 433-434 or 902-928MHz (other frequencies on request)
  • Operating range > 100m / > ~330 ft.
  • Cable control: Standard Length 10 meters / ~33 ft.
  • Operational temperature: -20°C to +70°C / ~-4°F to +160°F
  • Protection category: IP65


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