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Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik Named One of Germany's Innovation Leaders

July 23, 2019 - Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) belonging to the Heilbronn entrepreneurial family, has been named one of Germany's leading innovators.

The award is based on a scientific study performed by Prognos AG, the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, and the F.A.Z. Institute. It was carried out for the first time this year. Only 1% of the 33,000 companies surveyed received the title of "Germany's Innovation Leader,” which included Scheuerle.

In the category "Vehicles for the Transportation of Loads," the company scored 1,016 points for innovation leadership and 347 points for innovativeness. Compared to commercial vehicle manufacturers with similar products, Scheuerle finished ahead of numerous well-known companies.

The companies were able to collect index points in two categories, the innovativeness of an invention and the “impact on others,” which in turn represents the degree of innovative leadership. The basis for the assessment was an analysis of inventions filed in the past 10 years at more than 40 patent offices worldwide.

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