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Scott-Macon Now Stocks DICA Outrigger Pads

Aug. 4, 2022 – Scott-Macon Equipment, a leading dealer and renter in the crane industry, is a Dica outrigger pad dealer with a variety of pads in stock.

The pads are useful for enhancing the support and safety of a variety of cranes and other heavy equipment.

Outrigger pads such as these are placed under the outrigger stabilizers of equipment to help make the equipment more stable for operation, especially on less-than-ideal surfaces, such as loose gravel, wet or sandy soil, and uneven terrain.

They distribute the weight of the machinery and any additional loads more evenly and firmly over a larger surface area. The extra stability helps protect workers and equipment.

An additional advantage of using outrigger pads is to protect asphalt and concrete from damage or cracking.

Built in the U.S. using Dica’s proprietary engineered thermoplastic material, every Dica outrigger pad is designed and sized to never fail physically or functionally.

They withstand crush ratings to 500-psi and rated capacities of 210,000 lbs, resist chemicals, do not conduct electricity, and are waterproof.

Trusted by operators, they are unbreakable, easy to use, and engineered for strength, rigidity, and maximum load distribution.

Dica outrigger pads, stabilizer pads, and crane pads are put to the test daily in demanding industries, including electric utility, crane rental, construction, tree care, concrete pumping, mining, and drilling, as well as by NASA and all five branches of the U.S. armed forces.

“We are pleased to provide our customers with Dica outrigger pads that help make equipment setups safer at the job site. Dica has a solid reputation for manufacturing effective products,” said Allan Woodruff, executive vice president at Scott-Macon.

Kris Koberg, CEO at Dica added, “We were very excited to hear that Scott-Macon Equipment agreed to begin stocking our outrigger pads. We stand by our high-performance products with their lifetime guarantee.”

Dica outrigger pads are now available from Scott-Macon’s parts department.


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