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Crane Hot Line

SC&RA Offers Members Guidance About Tower Crane Signs

Oct. 21, 2020 -  The SC&RA is offering members guidance about putting signs on tower cranes.

The organization's Tower Crane Committee recently completed a document titled Tower Crane Signage Guidelines, which addresses best practices for placing signage on tower cranes.

“As always, the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed, but the committee felt there were other areas that needed to be addressed to ensure signs mounted on tower cranes meet certain requirements and do not create a hazard for personnel working on or around the crane,” said Peter Juhren, chair of the committee and president and COO of Morrow Equipment.

SC&RA members can download the members-only document here.

In coming months, the SC&RA Tower Crane Committee plans to offer a document offering guidance about tower crane contract language.


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