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SEAA Endorses Policies to Restore America’s Workforce Development System

August 15, 2018 -  The Steel Erectors Association of America has joined other industry stakeholders in publicly supporting seven policy recommendations to make the United States the world leader in workforce development.

RT 335, issued this month, tackles the topic: “Restoring the Dignity of Work: Transforming the U.S. Workforce Development System into a World Leader.” This advocacy document is meant to educate local, state, and federal legislators on why reforming our workforce system is critical. It outlines seven policies that can be implemented in less than three years that will positively impact workforce development.

The policies are based on three years of analysis of more than two million data points, more than 21 separate data sources, and 45 site visits of workforce development stakeholders across North America and Europe. Research was funded by NCCER, Construction Users Roundtable, Ironworkers/IMPACT, and Construction Industry Institute.

“SEAA fully supports craft training and apprenticeship. However, many organizations working independently to provide these opportunities will see much greater success if our nation’s education and labor policies are in alignment with these initiatives. The Steel Erectors Association of America is pleased to join with other industry stakeholders in endorsing RT 335,” said Tom Underhill, Executive Director of SEAA.

The seven policies are:

1.       Establish and strengthen the awareness of career opportunities in our nation.

2.       Revitalize our work-based learning programs.

3.       Measure performance and involvement in workforce development when awarding construction contracts.

4.       Redefine how we measure the quality of our nation’s secondary education system.

5.       Increase participation of underrepresented groups in career and technical education by career and college readiness.

6.       Establish and expand collaboration between industry, education, and government.

7.       Develop more balanced funding among post-secondary career and technical education and higher education.

SEAA encourages steel erection contractors to download a copy of Restoring the Dignity of Work and share it with your federal, state, and local elected officials.


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