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SEAA Updates Apprenticeship Standard to Include Reinforcing Ironworkers

Aug. 21, 2022 - The Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) has received U.S. Department of Labor approval of its revised National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards.

The revision includes the occupation Reinforcing Ironworker Concrete in addition to the existing occupation of Structural Steel Ironworker.

“This apprenticeship standard provides members with a model for creating and registering formal training programs that meet both state and federal government requirements for local apprenticeships,” said Pete Gum, executive director.

“SEAA members work on both structural and reinforcing steel projects, however, the tasks and training needed to be a reinforcing ironworker are different from those for a structural ironworker. This apprenticeship standard more accurately reflects the knowledge and skills required for both types of ironworkers,” said Jack Nix, chairman of the Membership Committee.

“It is equally important that we provide members with the training tools to support all ironworking occupations,” said Gum.

As an NCCER accredited training sponsor, SEAA already has a strong structural-steel ironworker training curriculum available for members to use. Participation provides members with administrative and implementation support in becoming an NCCER training unit and/or authorized assessment site.

“To support the reinforcing ironworker apprenticeship standard, Tim Eldridge, president of Education Services Unlimited and SEAA’s craft training and assessment administrator, and member company Shelby Erectors, worked closely with NCCER to develop a complementary reinforcing ironwork curriculum,” said Gum. The custom curriculum can be purchased through the association.

In addition, SEAA members who participate in the association’s craft training program have access to the structural and reinforcing ironworker training materials, as well as many other NCCER craft titles. For more information, contact Tim Eldridge at 980-722-9373 or


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