Service Connects Crane Operators with Projects in Need


Heritage Crane Group is a new service that supplies certified, qualified, experienced operators for tower, crawler, and rough-terrain cranes nationwide.

“We’re providing a solution to an ever-growing challenge in the crane and lifting industry,” said owner Tommy Sarenana, who founded Heritage Crane Group with his brother, David, in 2023. “There’s a big need for cranes, but there are not enough qualified or experienced operators to run them.”

Sarenana, himself a CCO-certified crane operator with 26 years of experience, said that Heritage Crane can provide the operators needed for construction companies to bid and complete jobs they might otherwise miss out on because they have too few operators.

Currently, Heritage Crane has access to about 150 crane operators, as well as some technicians.

“Heritage customers get a top-tier, dependable operator, and operators who book through Heritage get a job that covers their travel and housing cost plus a good wage,” said Sarenana. 

He also noted that customers who hire through Heritage Crane can claim MBE credits, since the company is Native American owned.

Sarenana says that the typical Heritage customer needs an operator for about six months, but that the company has booked some jobs as short as one to two weeks.

One example of a company that has benefitted from Heritage Crane’s services is Reynolds Construction LLC, a water, wastewater, and renewable energy contractor headquartered in Orleans, Indiana.

Earlier in 2023, Reynolds used Heritage-supplied tower crane operators for three construction projects in South Dakota.

Based on the success of that relationship, Reynolds later booked Heritage operators for a project in Tennessee.

“When we bid a job, the quote includes everything from the operator’s wage, to travel and living cost,” said Sarenana. “The customer knows the exact cost. Likewise, the operator knows exactly what to expect.”

Currently, Heritage can be contacted through its website,


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