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Crane Hot Line

Spartan Mat Buys Composites Factory

January 3, 2019 - Spartan Mat, Rockledge, Florida, a global matting supplier and creator of System7 composite mats, has bought the factory and assets of D&D Manufacturing, also of Rockledge, Florida, and has created a new entity, Spartan Composites.

The new company has been created to support the rapid growth of composite matting for cranes and equipment as an alternative to traditional wooden mats.

“Annually, composite mats are gaining more and more traction,” said Justin Thelin, CEO of Spartan Mat. “Customers are recognizing the superior ROI and other significant benefits offered by composite mats.”

Thelin added, “The government and many players in the industry now require composites on their jobsites. Currently, the demand for composite mats is simply higher than the supply, and we see that continuing to trend for years to come. Our aim is to alleviate the problem, and do it with the best composite mats.”

The new Spartan Composites plant uses a unique, patented, manufacturing process to produce a full range of composite mats, from small to very large.

President of Spartan Composites, Jeff Juergens, said, “The timing is right. The industry is changing. And we are positioned to supply the increased demand with the absolute best composite mat products on the market, including our largest interlocking mat, called System7.”

Matting provides temporary roads, working platforms, and safer conditions for personnel and their heavy-duty equipment, such as cranes and excavators. 

Although Spartan Mat and Spartan Composites are focused on serving the larger volume needs of the oil & gas and electrical transmission and distribution industries, they are also intent on meeting the needs of other customers.

Brian Schenk, CFO of Spartan Composites, said, “We aren’t in the business of turning our backs on the little guys. Every job is important to our customers, and every customer is important to us.”

The company inventories mats in more than 89 locations, and expects to see a big impact as Spartan Composites manufactures superior mats custom-made to customer specifications.


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