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Sustainable Synthetics for Crane & Heavy Lift

At Yale Cordage, we continue to innovate and set expectations for the market. Selecting the best fiber is as crucial to product performance as our engineering and design process. Our partnership with DSM Protective Materials allows us to utilize bio-based Dyneema® fiber in several products, making our company one of the first to join the commitment to realize a more sustainable product.

Increasingly large infrastructure and energy projects mean heavier and more complex lifts, tighter turnarounds, and mounting costs. Dyneema® SK78 fiber helps overcome these challenges while meeting the highest regulatory standards, ensuring lifting operations are as quick, safe, and smooth as possible.

The innovation behind this product’s sustainability factor is in the utilization of the mass balance approach, which reduces reliance on fossil fuel-based resources. By applying a mass balancing approach, bio-based Dyneema® fiber delivers the same consistent durability and performance with a reduced environmental impact.

From life-long tension fatigue to temperature performance, from static to dynamic loading, Dyneema® SK78 fiber is put through rigorous testing to make sure your people and cargo are safe, and they’re able to reliably work at their full capacity for longer and in all possible scenarios.

Yale Cordage bio-based products are suitable for use across several applications including mobile and tower cranes, rigging, heavy lift, and utility. Contact one of our experts to see how our sustainable synthetics can help your business today.

Sierra 78

Single braid rope made up of bio-based Dyneema®, an ISCC Certified Eco Sustainable fiber. Made with bio-based feedstock, this fiber maintains the unique properties of Dyneema® while providing a more sustainable solution without compromising final product performance. Advanced service life, creep life, and abrasion resistance make Sierra 78 the right choice for your equipment and a certified “green” choice for your company.


LOUPS high-modulus slings utilize bio-based SK78 Dyneema® fiber. They are a heavy lift sustainable solution without compromising final product performance. After our proprietary manufacturing process, LOUPS are up to four times stronger than similar-sized polyester-fiber-based slings and weigh far less than the steel or conventional round-sling alternative.

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