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Tadano ATF 60G-3 Now Available in Europe

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May 7, 2018 - After four years of development and its launch at Bauma 2016, the new ATF 60G-3 is now available to buy in Europe.  

Tadano expects to start offering the 60-tonne all-terrain crane in North America near the end of this year or in early 2019.  

The new model’s key features are high capacity for its class, long reach, light axle loadings, and an innovative drive system.  

The crane’s high lifting capacity and extensive reach let it easily perform the usual applications handled by a 60-tonne all-terrain crane. The North American capacity will presumably be in the 66-U.S.-ton range, but Tadano has not yet released the number.  

The crane’s 11-ton (10-tonne) axle loads, 31.2-ft. (9.5 m) retracted boom length, and ability to telescope the boom with a load on the hook, also let it work in many other applications, for example jobs with floor-loading restrictions or limited ceiling height. 

To hold axle loadings to 10 tonnes (11 U.S. tons) each, Tadano optimized weight distribution by using two front axles, one rear axle, and putting a single engine in the rear of the crane turret to power both the carrier and the crane. Instead of having the stowed boom and engine both weighing heavily on the front axle, the rear engine spreads the weight more evenly over all three axles. 


The single engine is a 260 kW (354 hp) Mercedes Benz diesel that complies with Euromot IV (EPA Tier 4F) emission standards. The carrier is 6x4x6 on road and 6x6x6 off road. The crane’s travel dimensions are 11.18 m (36’8”) long, 2.66 m (8’9”) wide, and 3.68 m (12’1”) tall. 


Dr. Uwe Renk, marketing manager at Tadano Faun, says: “Due to the rapid growth of legal axle load regulations in an increasing number of countries, and a deteriorating road infrastructure, it was logical for us to design a 10-tonne axle-load configuration, even though this represented significantly greater development costs and time.” 

Renk added that the new design will let the ATF 60G-3 stay mobile in the future and, therefore, economical for customers to move around. “Crane operators will receive authorizations much more quickly, easily, and for longer periods,” Renk said.  


The 10-tonnes-per-axle loading includes a 20-tonne-capacity hook block. That lets it lift up to 17.1 tonnes, based on the winch’s maximum line pull. In addition to the light 10-tonne axle load configuration, Tadano has optimized the design for axle loads of 12 tonnes, 13 tonnes, and 16.5 tonnes. 


More relaxed, safer working methods
Tadano says that the new drive concept with engine mounted in the rear of the crane turret makes operation easier, safer, and more comfortable. The engine’s location reduces cab noise to just 71 dBa, which will help operators be more relaxed and safer, especially during long drives. It also helps keep diesel exhaust away from the crane operator.  


The boom also contributes to safer operation because it can be lowered to -5° for reeving of the hoist rope or ground-level mounting of the jib. 



Not only light, but strong and long as well


The 48-m (157’6”) maximum main-boom length delivers sheave heights 51 m (167’4”). That’s 5.5 m (18’0”) more than other 60-tonners, says Tadano. The boom’s maximum radius is 44 m (144’4”), or six meters (19’8”) more than competitors. The jib ranges in length from 1.7-7.4 m (5’6”-24’3”). 

Tadano says that the ATF 60G-3 can lift up to 46% more on its main boom and up to 62% more on its longest jib than competitors in the 60-tonne class.

Tadano says that even with a reduced outrigger base, the ATF 60G-3’s capacities are unmatched, thanks to the asymmetrical outrigger base feature installed in all ATF models with Euromot 4 engines.  

In earlier models, the Tadano AML crane-control system based the maximum lifting capacity for each side of the crane on the length of the shorter outrigger. Today’s control system calculates loads for specific operating areas based on the length of each outrigger. That maximized capacity for any swing angle.  

The ATF 60G-3’s features suit it well for work in tight urban job sites, an applications like setting steel, installing façade panels, placing precast concrete, and recovering trucks or other large vehicles involved in accidents. Its compact design and excellent long-boom capacity also make it excellent for use in halls and refineries, says Tadano.


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