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Tadano Launches Five-Axle, 300-USt All-Terrain Crane

Nov. 8, 2022 – At Bauma 2022, Tadano launched the AC 5.250-2, a five-axle all-terrain crane with 300-USt lifting capacity and easy-to-road axle loads.

The new model showcases the teamwork between Tadano’s Lauf and Zweibrücken factories, which work together in the company’s new manufacturing strategy.

“This kind of teamwork enables us to take full advantage of and combine all the know-how and expertise from both our locations,” explained Project Manager Peter Kleinhans.

The AC 5.250-2’s lifting capacities are 10% to 15% higher in many areas, and in some configurations are up to 30% higher than previous best values in this class.

For example, it lifts 16 USt at a 78.7’ radius on 229.6’ of boom, or 12.1 USt at 137.7’ on 154.1’ of boom.

The new crane can raise a total boom-and-jib length of 367’4’.

The AC 5.250-2’s outstanding transportation configuration options include being able to carry a three-sheave 74-USt hook block or a 19’ heavy-lift runner on board while remaining within 26,400-lb. axle loadings. That allows it to be used as a taxi crane without a support vehicle. In order to make the crane attractive for the US, the design engineers in Lauf took into account the required wheelbase.

Sophisticated Counterweight

The crane can pick up its total counterweight of 88-USt in three lifts. But the counterweight can also be split into a large number of elements with none weighing more than 11 USt. That means relatively small trucks can be used for transportation.

Latest Tadano Technology

In addition, the Tadano AC 5.250-2 features the one-of-a-kind Surround View camera system, which makes it easier for crane operators to optimally position the crane at work sites. The patented system uses six cameras to show a computer-assisted diagram of the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers at the crane’s current location.

Finally, the new AC 5.250-2 also makes a compelling case when it comes to its engine, a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz unit that puts out 522 hp and a maximum torque of 2,600 Nm while complying with the latest EU Stage V requirements. Its cost-effective eco mode ensures the engine always puts out the exact amount of power that the crane actually needs.

Maximum Comfort and Safety

All hydraulic components that emit noise are located away from the superstructure cab, so the operator’s station is comfortably quiet. Also, the cab is spacious and comfortable. Intelligently positioned access points, attachment points for operators’ personal safety equipment, and a step that can be extended from the carrier make entering and exiting safe and comfortable.


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