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Tadano Mantis Corporation to Feature New Cranes at ICUEE 2019

Sep. 9, 2019 - Tadano Mantis will exhibit two of its GTC Series cranes at ICUEE 2019, October 1-3 in Louisville, Kentucky. The popular GTC-800 (88 U.S. tons) and the newest addition to the GTC Series — the 50 U.S. ton capacity GTC-500 — will both make their trade show debut at the Tadano Mantis booth, N2002.

The GTC Series of telescopic boom crawler cranes were created for jobsite operating conditions. Out-of-level load charts allow full-rated capacities on up to 1.5° slopes and strong lifting capabilities up to 4°, eliminating the need for ground preparations to achieve a perfectly level lifting base. Real, useable maximum capacity ratings, pick-and carry capabilities, and automatic load chart switching for operating slope and track position set the GTC series apart in performance and ease of use.

The GTC-500 features a four-section full power boom that allows continuous telescoping with load to the maximum extended length of 113’ 10” (34.7 m). The main boom is complemented with a 28.9’/49.9’ (8.8 m/15.2 m) bi-fold jib with 5°, 25°, and 45° offsets. An optional heavy configuration counterweight package (28,200 lbs. /12,791 kg) provides increased lifting performance at longer radiuses.

The GTC-500 has an operating weight of 103,900 lbs. (47,128 kg), so it can ship in one standard truckload. The 50-ton machine is powered by a Cummins Tier 4F Euromot stage IV QSB6.7 diesel engine rated at 260 hp (194 kW) @ 2,200 rpm. The GTC-500 boasts a maximum unladen gradeability of 85%, and an unladen ground pressure of 9.3 psi (0.65 kg/cm2). The standard track shoe is a 31.5” (800 mm) three-bar semi-grouser, with optional 35.4” (900 mm) wide three-bar semi-grouser and flat shoe options also available.

At 88 U.S. tons, the GTC-800 is the largest sub-100 ton tele-boom crawler on the market and features a full power, five-section boom with maximum extended length of 141’ 1” (43.0 m). The main boom is complemented by a 33.1’/58.1’ (10.1 m/17.7 m) bi-fold jib with 3.5°, 25°, and 45° offsets.

The GTC-800 is powered by a Cummins Euromot stage IV U.S. EPA Tier 4F QSB6.7 diesel engine rated at 231 kW (310 hp) @ 2,200 rpm. The travel system features two-speed track drives with maximum speeds of 2.11 mph (3.4 km/hr) and a maximum unladen gradeability of 78%. The standard track shoe is a 35.4” (900 mm) wide three-bar semi-grouser. Optional 31.5” (800 mm) three-bar semi-grouser, plus 35.4” (900 mm) and 31.5” (800 mm) wide steel flat shoes are also available.

A new 22,500 lb. (10,206 kg) standard counterweight configuration is being introduced on the GTC-800. Allowing additional flexibility for users, this configuration allows for two-truck transport while maintaining max rated capacity

Both the GTC-800 and GTC-500 are equipped with OPTI-WIDTH, allowing limitless combinations of symmetric and asymmetric track extension positions with no requirement for pinning track widths at fixed points. OPTI-WIDTH load charts can provide over a 30% lifting capacity improvement for asymmetric versus symmetric positioned tracks at the same width.


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