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Tadano Rolls Out New Easy-to-Permit Truck Cranes for U.S. and Canada

Mar. 8, 2022 - Tadano has launched two new truck crane models designed for easy permitting in the United States and Canada.


Low axle weights, narrow travel widths, and long booms enable the new 120-USt capacity Tadano GT-1200XL-2 and 80-USt capacity GT-800XL-2 to easily get special permitting for travel on public roads.

That makes them ideal for taxi-crane service.

Tadano will display the new GT-1200XL-2 model in booth F 9707 at ConExpo 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Mar 14-18.

The new Tadano GT-1200XL-2 and GT-800XL-2 truck cranes feature many of the same field-proven, reliable components as Tadano GR Series rough-terrain cranes.

That means that these new truck cranes offer the same high quality and rugged durability that customers have come to expect from Tadano.

Their narrow, 8.5’ travel width combines with a low basic-machine weight and optimized axle spacing to meet weight requirements.

That makes travel permits easy to get most places. To meet the most stringent axle-load limits, a boom dolly trailer is available.

Comfortable to Drive and Operate

Independent front and rear air suspension on both models delivers a comfortable ride on the road and on rough terrain.

Developed by Hendrickson, the Airtek Nxt and RoadMaax purpose-built suspension and steering axle systems are designed specifically with truck crane drivers in mind, and the ZF TraXon transmission has 12 forward gears.

For excellent stopping power and simple, low-cost servicing, both cranes are equipped with disc brakes on all wheels.

Self-rigging counterweight makes for fast setup, allowing them to handle multiple projects in a day.

The spacious, full-width driving cab includes a second seat to accommodate an additional crew member when one is needed.

The Cummins X12 engine meets EPA 2021 on-road emission standards and delivers up to 500 hp, 1,700 lb.-ft. of torque, and 65-mph travel speed.

For maximum fuel efficiency, the new cranes feature fuel monitoring, a positive control system to meter the quantity of hydraulic pump discharge during crane operation, and Eco Mode to control maximum engine speed.

The ergonomic crane-operator cab can tilt up to 15° to reduce strain on the operator’s neck when working at high boom angles.

The large in-cab monitor offers a clear view of operation, plus standard cable and backup camera feeds for safe and efficient operation.

The long and strong boom and asymmetric outrigger setup capability offer excellent lifting capacities on confined job sites.

With asymmetric outrigger capabilities, the cranes’ smart chart optimizes lifting capacities and radii, especially when lifting over the outriggers.

Hello-Net telematics comes standard on both the GT-1200XL-2 and GT-800XL-2. It connects the office, service technicians, and Tadano to cranes in the field.

The Hello-Data Link communicates operating information instantly and wirelessly to mobile devices. That gives fleet managers the data to make more informed business decisions.

Crane Specifics

Offering a maximum lifting capacity of 120 US tons at an 8’ radius, the GT-1200XL-2 features a long-and-strong, new-design five-section, 41’-167.3’,  pinning boom.

Jibs from 33.8’- 58.7’ add even more reach when it’s needed.

The self-rigging counterweight ranges from 7,700 to 55,100 lbs., allowing the crane to efficiently handle a range of lifts.

The 80-USt capacity Tadano GT-800XL-2 truck crane features a strong five-section boom that hydraulically telescopes from 39.5’ to 154.3’, the longest in its class.

A jib of up to 58.7’ adds more length when needed.

Multiple self-removable counterweight configurations go up to 17,850 lbs.



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