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Terex Tower Cranes Unveils CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane


Terex Tower Cranes has introduced the CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane, a groundbreaking addition designed to set new benchmarks in construction performance, safety, and efficiency. This innovative crane extends the Terex Tower Cranes City Class offering, promising to elevate job sites to new heights.

The CTT 152-6 focuses on enhanced load chart performance, introducing two potent winch options (18 kW and 22 kW) for exceptional lifting capabilities and speeds up to 104 m/min. With a maximum capacity of 6 tons and innovative features like T-Torque slewing technology and the Terex Power Match (TPM) system, the crane ensures efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly operations.

Boasting a 150 mt class capacity, the CTT 152-6 complies with EN14439-Rev1 regulations, ensuring top-notch safety and reliability. Its flexible jib, tower, and chassis configurations offer adaptability for various construction needs, with competitive free-standing tower heights of up to 61.2 m.

Design enhancements facilitate easy installation with a pinned connection between the jib and slewing unit. The elimination of the counterjib ballast basket streamlines the process, supporting safe and quick erection. Maintenance is simplified with grated walkways, platforms, and a wide electrical cabinet, enhancing accessibility.

The S-Pace Cabin ensures operator comfort and efficiency, featuring a wide glass surface, ergonomic design, and intuitive controls. The T-Lift Crane enhances operator safety and efficiency with fast lifting options and a two-person lift capability, demonstrating a commitment to well-being and job site efficiency.

"Our CTT 152-6 represents a significant advancement in performance, safety, and efficiency,” said Luca Grisenti, Engineering Director at Terex Tower Cranes. “Our commitment to simplifying installation processes and enhancing maintenance accessibility underscores our responsiveness to customer feedback. We are positive that the CTT 152-6 will support our customers in executing their various projects safely and efficiently."


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