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Terex , Cropac Celebrate First-Quarter Tower Crane Orders

April 30, 2020 - Cropac Equipment with locations throughout Eastern Canada continues to see growing demand for Terex tower cranes throughout its distribution territory.

During the first quarter of 2020, Cropac placed orders for 16 new Terex tower cranes. At ConExpo, executives from both companies, including Terex CEO John L. Garrison, standing at center, and Cropac President Bill Finkle, seated and holding pen, celebrated the success.

“Our latest orders reflect the strong demand in our territory for Terex tower cranes from both existing and new customers, which is a testament to Terex tower cranes’ performance, reliability, and continuous innovation that leads the market,” said Cropac’s Finkle. “Cropac Equipment prides itself on its after-sale service support and ensuring that we always have the right crane for our customers when they need it. The broad tower crane product offering from Terex allows us to do that.”

Cropac’s purchases included the Terex SK 415-20 and the recently launched CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane.

The versatile crane offers 11 lengths from 98’ to 262’ and a competitive load chart with a maximum capacity of 22 U.S. tons, and a 4.9-U.S.-ton capacity at the tip of the 262’ jib.

The control system ensures quick and easy setup, and the new T-Torque slewing technology uses inverter technology with torque control applied directly to the slewing motors. That gives the operator better control of slewing by customizing system acceleration and performance based on operating conditions, such as load type or wind speed.

“Cropac’s commitment to Terex tower cranes, their excellent after-sales support, and technical service has made them one of our top performing distributors in North America,” said Tony Cappellaro, North American sales and support manager for Terex tower cranes. “We appreciate their focus on developing the tower crane business in the eastern Canadian market over the least 3 years. Their hard work has contributed to significant market share growth.”

Also included in the multiple Cropac order were the CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower cranes, which are well suited for working in urban environments, have a maximum capacity of 19.8 U.S. tons and a jib tip capacity of 3.2 U.S. tons on a 200’ jib with a single line. They also offer multiple tower options to leverage existing stock, easy setup, power plus, and auto-levelling.

James Graham, Cropac business development manager, said, “We have seen an increase in demand for luffing jib cranes due to enhanced work area restrictions and having a comprehensive luffing jib offering from Terex ranging from 11 U.S. tons to 72 U.S. tons.” Graham also noted that new hydraulic luffing technology, first introduced on the 13.2-U.S.-ton capacity CTLH192-12 will let Cropac continue to meet its customers’ evolving lifting needs.


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