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Terex to Feature Digger Derricks at TechAdvantage 2019

March 8, 2019 - A Terex C4047 from the Commander digger derrick line and an Optima TC55 aerial device will be the centerpieces of Terex’s exhibit in Booth 381 at TechAdvantage 2019, March 10-13 in Orlando, Florida. 

The Commander 4047 is available with either a turntable-mounted winch or a boom-tip winch. It features a maximum capacity ranging from 20,350 lbs. to 29,250 lbs. and sheave heights from 25.8’ to 50.4’. 

“Terex was the first company to build a hydraulic digger derrick, and the Commander series has a long history of quality and innovative design. Strong box booms and powerful dual lift cylinders introduced on the first series of Commander digger derricks remain a hallmark of digger derrick design today,” said Joe Caywood, director of marketing.

“Commander digger derricks excel at digging and out-of-the-hole lifting, where most work is performed, such as lifting the auger with a full flight of dirt. They also are able to dig and set the pole without repositioning the truck,” said Caywood.

When a customer needs increased lift capacity, Terex offers an optional X-Boost system on the Commander 4000 series. The system boosts hydraulic power to increase load-handling and lifting capacity at high boom angles for applications such as lifting pad-mount transformers. The Terex X-Boost lets customers maintain performance in the digging zone and still have increased lifting capacity at higher boom angles.

Optima TC55 is a non-overcenter material handling aerial device with 60 ft. working height and 42.8 ft. side reach. “The Optima series ‘optimizes’ weight and payload with enhanced features of ground access, greater side reach, lower travel height, increased boom speed and responsiveness and improved maintenance access,” said Caywood. 

Ring Power Utility Equipment, a Terex Utilities’ strategic distributor and rental partner serving Florida and the Southeast, will provide the equipment displayed at the show. “It takes the right combination of listening and understanding the customers’ requirements to match them up with the right equipment,” said Ring Power’s Mike Beauregard. “Working together, Terex and Ring Power provide [utility] cooperative customers a comprehensive solution of the latest equipment technologies, service, and support to upgrade and maintain distribution lines,” he said.



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