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Crane Hot Line

Terex's Wilkerson Takes on New Role

May 19, 2004— Terex Corp., Westport, Conn., announced last week that Bob Wilkerson, currently president of Terex Aerial Work Platforms, has been given additional responsibility for overseeing and accelerating the changes underway as part of the Terex Improvement Process (TIP).

Wilkerson will continue as president of Terex Aerial Work Platforms, although some of his day-to-day responsibilities will be reassigned to the existing management team. In his new role as executive vice president and chief change officer, Wilkerson will work directly with the senior staff to focus on the most important areas of required change. Among the projects in the works is the Terex Operating System, a system that combines the best practices from all of the Terex businesses.

“The progress achieved to date over a relatively short period of time makes me more excited about what we have to do to systematically improve, and this is an important and appropriate step to that end,” explained Ron DeFeo, chairman and chief executive officer.


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