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Three Companies, One Transport Solution

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April 4, 2018 - US companies Dagen Trucking Company, Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc. and DeMase Trucking & Rigging handled a common project, recently moving the first railcars for Boston’s new Orange Line from the port of New York City to Massachusetts. 

Arriving from China, they were the first of many, which will partly be produced in Springfield, MA. With an overall cargo length over 66’, a pay load of 80,000lbs and the usual height restrictions in the North East, the job was particularly challenging. However, the three transporters found the perfect transport solution at Faymonville and Hale Heavy Haul, official Faymonville dealer on the US East Coast. “The steerable option is a must for long loads. It gets around tight corners like a regular length trailer and can maneuver in confined spaces on job sites with ease.  The MegaMAX has been a great addition to our fleet”, concludes Jim Moeschen from De Mase Trucking Co., Inc., happy to have this flexible vehicle in his fleet now. 

The steerable MegaMAX stretch double drop with a drive height of only 13.8” is the lowest stretch in the market and helped to clear even the lowest bridges. The unique king-pin steering on these trailers offers unmatched maneuverability and allowed to access extremely tight areas, which is always a challenge with such long cargo. 

With a compressed length of 53’ total and a width of 100” without outriggers, the 3-axle trailers on air suspension can be run empty without any escorts or permits. The deck stretches from 25’ up to 42’, and can be extended even further using additional deck inserts (79”-118”-158”) that can be added thanks to the detachable rear bogie. The hydraulic detachable gooseneck allows continuous height adjustment for maximum flexibility. “This fact allowed us to deliver to our customer with much ease. In the past, conflicting terrains would cause much delay for riggers, manpower, end user, and our valued customer”, says David Izzi from Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc. 

Finally, Faymonville is the only European manufacturer in the North American market that uses electric and pneumatic components that are completely DOT approved. For an extra-long life-cycle, the MegaMAX chassis is fully metalized (zinc-plated), which ensures the best corrosion protection available in the market! Jeff Dagen from Dagen Trucking Company praises the finishing of the new vehicle from Faymonville. “The engineering and workmanship is remarkable, welds look great. I’m excited to keep moving forward with this venture”. 

The latest option for the MegaMAX is a fourth pin-on flip axle to increase the legal pay load and ensure even more versatility going from state to state. This axle is steerable as well and easy to detach or flip for empty transport, no shimming is required. The load transfer is done via air ride system and the robust mechanical connection of the steering is simple to use. 

Hale Heavy Haul carries these and many more Faymonville products on stock and offers efficient customer service, after sales support and spare parts.


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