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Tire Maker BKT Launches New Customer-Focused Website

May 21, 2020 – Tire maker BKT has launched a new website that not only has a new look but also new content that includes users talking about their use of the products.

BKT’s wide range of tires includes models for industrial, offroad, and agricultural use, and includes tires for mobile cranes.

Instead of relying on the usual “About Us” section, this time BKT is choosing a direct approach with the slogan “About us is all about you.

The website has been created with a particular graphic interface to make the experience more user-friendly. It also offers many videos and images, new icons, simple and quick data searches, and some technical adjustments, such as the new tool to indicate tire loads and pressures.

The site includes but real reportage written by people who have used and tested the tires and who will tell about their experience.

BKT Stories, i.e. the reports by the ambassadors of BKT tires, play a key role on the new website and will increasingly enhance the portfolio of experiences, through direct and open dialogue, from user to user.

BKT Stories will offer a genuine story with accounts from all the sectors in which BKT operates and from around the globe. It will be a unique experience to be able to see people doing the same job, but in completely different parts of the planet and with different needs and machinery. Owing to these different needs, the BKT website offers content tailored to the local area, and as dialogue is important, it is essential to speak the same language, that is why the website offers fully 9 different languages, making this platform a real personal “journey”, wherever users may be.

Besides BKT Stories, there are two other major innovations: the area dedicated to the Group’s numerous CSR initiatives – to discover the company’s generosity, sense of solidarity and care – and the in-depth analyses of numerous themes.


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