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Two Link-Belts Tandem-Lift Sand Bridge

April 6, 2021 - Anglemyer Crane Rental, of Azusa, California, operated its 110-USt Link-Belt HTC-86110 hydraulic truck crane and 275-USt Link-Belt ATC-3275 all-terrain crane to make a tandem lift of a 155’ long, 60,000-lb. refurbished water bridge that circulates water in a sediment pond for the industrial production of sand.

“It was a little bit of a unique setup,” said crane operator, Mike Norris, who ran the HTC-86110. “A temporary ramp was built for us to get the HTC-86110 down into the pond. Then we were set up along with the ATC-3275 so we could pick the bridge and set it into place.”

The reach of both cranes was important for positioning the bridge.

“The ATC-3275 had to pick about 15’ farther than the HTC-86110, so we had it on higher ground on the bank,” said Norris.

The HTC-86110 was equipped with full 48,600-lb. counterweight to handle its end of the 60,000- lb. bridge.

“On our end, we had close to 36,000 lbs. and lifted and placed on the center rotating joint,” said Norris. “Any time we do a two-crane pick, we have two crews we will put on the job.”

“The HTC-86110 is new to us, and as soon as it got to our yard, it went straight to work. We’ve put a little over 700 hours and 9,200 mi. on it since we received it in April of 2020,” noted Norris. “The HTC-86110 keeps a tight footprint — a little bigger than our 40-ton crane, and it’s more maneuverable than anything we have in the 200-ton class.”


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