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USA Harness Granted New Patent on Modular Connection System

USA Harness Inc. has recently been granted a patent for its new USA-Plus Modular Connection System. The patent supersedes a previous patent the company held for an earlier iteration of the system, and improves on its O-ring-style seal and secondary lock pin design.


The design variation increases the engagement integrity between the system’s integral O-ring and the corresponding groove of its mated connection. A unique lock pin of contrasting color helps inspectors identify complete connection mating. The lock pin assures precision alignment of all components and a firm, complete, watertight union that employs dielectric grease as a sealing agent and a barrier to moisture, dirt, and corrosion.


The harness systems are simple for OEMs to assemble, and use the same USA-Plus Modular Connection System throughout. All of the connectors are constructed using a durable virgin vinyl molding compound. Even novice assembly workers can make connections quickly and repeatedly because the system’s keyed pin orientation guides a precision interface every time. Harness ends can be constructed to mate with any incandescent or LED lamp from any major manufacturer.


“Since its 1996 introduction, the USA-Plus Sealed Modular Wiring Harness System has been considered the gold standard for its engineered durability, sealing efficacy, and operational robustness,” said Brett Miller, vice president of engineering for USA Harness. “Laboratory testing of the USA-Plus Modular Connection System demonstrates that it can stand up to at least three times the cyclical testing standards recommended by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).”


Salt spray exposure tests following ASTM B117 standards showed that the system was able to remain fully operational and unimpeded after three times the testing exposure period recommended by SAE. The testing was performed by an independent lab and was terminated prior to any indication of system failure.


The USA-Plus system is offered in a variety of styles that will accommodate virtually any modular plug-together application. The USA family of connectors includes two-way, four-way, six-way and seven-way configurations. A 10-way system has also been developed for use in demanding military applications and for electrical systems with auxiliary circuitry. All harness systems come with a five-year warranty.


To view a video of the USA-PLUS Modular Connection System, visit:


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