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Utility One Source Orders 14 Terex Cranes

Terex Crossover 8000
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March 14, 2018 - Ten Terex Boom Trucks and Five Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

Utility One Source (Custom Truck & Equipment) is expanding its new crane inventory in Kansas City, Kan., by ordering five new Terex BT 4792 boom trucks, five Terex Crossover 8000 boom trucks, and four Terex HC 80 lattice-boom crawler cranes.  

The new units will help Utility One Source continue to deliver on its commitment to provide quality equipment that produces high return on investment. 

With a recovering construction economy, there is demand for versatile cranes that are easy to transport, rig, and operate. 

The Terex BT 4792 and Terex Crossover 8000 boom truck have been designed to meet those customer needs.  

The 23.5-USton Terex BT 4792 boom truck has a 92-ft. maximum boom length and a quick- reeving boom head, as well as an electronic rated-capacity indicator.  

The larger, more powerful, Terex Crossover 8000 boom truck can lift up to 80 US tons, comes with a 126-ft. fully synchronous telescopic boom, and features X-pattern front outriggers that eliminate the need for a front jack. 

The versatile Terex HC 80 lattice-boom crawler crane can handle both heavy lifting and high reach. It can lift up to 80 US tons, has a 200-ft. maximum main boom length, and can be equipped with up to 240 ft. of boom and luffing jib.


The new Terex boom trucks and crawler cranes will be available later this year at Utility One Source’s Kansas City location.



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