VacBuilt System by Sage Oil Vac Offers Ready-to-Use Mobile Service Solutions First offering conveniently collects used oil


Oct. 30, 2023 — Sage Oil Vac Inc. has unveiled its new VacBuilt system, which provides ready-to-use mobile service solutions.

The first product in the new lineup is a single waste-oil tank that can capture fluids from several vehicles that use different types and grades of oil.

It gives flexibility to technicians who don’t need a new bulk oil tank for preventive maintenance on heavy equipment.

This VacBuilt product combines a 30- or 60-gallon horizontal used-oil tank with the option to mount the hose reel and controls to the tank top or remotely, whichever is best in the application.

The tank capacities are well suited to both mobile automotive fleet service and heavy equipment applications.

“Mobile service is gaining popularity in the automotive world. Getting used oil out of the vehicle is the most important part of that oil change,” said Aaron Sage, CEO of Sage Oil Vac. “A 30-gallon or 60-gallon capacity will handle many oil changes on passenger vehicles. It is a good initial investment for a company that wants to get into that business.”

Sage Oil Vac plans to expand the VacBuilt line with larger-capacity tanks in the future as it continues to innovate products based on its proven pump-free technology.

Sage Oil Vac designs these fluid-exchange systems are fast, safe, clean, economical, and versatile.

Clean, sealed tanks protect the operator and the environment while also reducing spills.

Packaged for Convenience

Sage Oil Vac’s LubeBuilder system already offers a single used-oil tank solution, but that product line requires customers to order components and assemble the system themselves.

The new VacBuilt systems are assembled at the factory for customer convenience and product quality.

 “This used-oil solution is ready to go,” said Sage. “We have taken a common specification and packaged it together. Just hook your air source to it.”

The addition of two brackets welded to the top of the used oil tank allows the control panel and hose reel to be mounted on the system.

The control panel includes a pressure gauge, a ball valve with a pressure relief setting, and a ball valve with a vacuum setting.

Customers can choose between a 1” x 50’ hose reel or a ¾” x 25’ reel.

The Sage advantage

The vacuum-generator-operated VacBuilt combines the benefits of Sage Oil Vac’s no-pump vacuum technology with additional configuration flexibility.

A push-on fitting at the air inlet simplifies operation.

Compressed air builds vacuum pressure to move fluids to and from tanks.

The operator can vacuum hot motor oil from equipment at up to six to eight gallons per minute.

The enclosed, no-pump system protects the operator and the environment, as tanks are not vented to the atmosphere.

Not using pumps also cuts down maintenance problems for lower cost of ownership.

Adaptable for Shop or Truck

VacBuilt systems can be used in both mobile and shop applications.

In the shop, they eliminate centralized lube systems that are expensive to install and need extensive upkeep, according to Sage.

The VacBuilt systems’ tanks also fit easily in the bed of a truck for customers who perform mobile lube services.

They are a good starting point for customers exploring the growing mobile oil change business.

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