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Crane Hot Line

Warning Labels Now Available In Spanish

June 12, 2018 - The Wire Rope Technical Board has published Warning Tags in Spanish. The product is the FLAT tag, printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other. These warning labels were designed by the Wire Rope Technical Board for use with all wire rope products. A warning label should accompany all wire ropes and wire rope slings provided to the user. The labels are available in packages of 250 at $60/ package. The flat version is ideally suited for stapling to the flanges of wood reels. In addition, the WRTB is in the process of translating the Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin into Spanish. We hope to have this product available soon. Other materials from the WRTB include ASTM standards related to wire rope; Wire Rope User’s Manual, Wire Rope Sling User’s Manual; Wire Rope Inspection Guidelines; Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin; other types of Wire Rope Warning Tags and Labels; and Groove Gauge Sets. 


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