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Who is really behind your rigging hardware?

October 28, 2019 - While rigging manufacturers are supposed to meet certain performance ratings and government regulations for safety, some do not. It is important to know where your hardware comes from, and there are two types of supply value chains to be aware of:


Vertically integrated
Vertically integrated product supply chain manufacturing provides complete control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished goods. This control ensures product inspection throughout the manufacturing process affording a high level of quality and consistency across all product lines.

  • Control over supply chain and quality of raw material source

  • Internal engineering

  • Product innovation and new product R&D

  • In touch with industry trends

  • Single-source manufacturer

  • Control of product scheduling and manufacturing process

  • Typically has long industry legacy

  • Responsibility of quality and safety of products as a single owner

  • Protected distribution network

  • Fewest handoffs

  • Most accountability

    This type of product supply chain has limited control over the manufacturing process, including inspections and raw material quality. A single product can go through multiple manufacturers before it is ready for sale.

  • Unknown quality of raw material source

  • Multiple manufacturing processes and standards

  • Off-the-shelf private branded products

  • Lack of product life cycle commitment

  • Unknown manufacturer

  • Limited scheduling and manufacturing controls

  • Market trend chasers, lack of product knowledge

  • Lack of distribution network, direct to customer sales

  • Limited control over key aspects: safety, quality, responsibility

  • Lack of accountability

    When buying rigging equipment there are always concerns about cost, quality, and safety. Uppermost should be safety because every lift is critical. Not only can the wrong choice put your company in jeopardy, it can result in serious injury or death of your employees.

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