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Why Family Owned and Operated is Near and Dear to HFA

Harry Fry & Associates knows the value, joy and stresses of a family owned and operated business, because they are one. Harry Fry & Associates was founded 26 years ago by Harry Fry but was quickly joined by Cheryl Fry, wife and wearer of all hats. HFA started out as a way that Harry could spend more time with his family, as his previous role at a large corporation proved to be travel heavy. Harry and Cheryl, confident in each other’s abilities decided to take the leap, and 26 years later are happy they did. 


Over the past two and a half decades, The HFA team, which now includes daughter, Tonya Fry have experienced the same ups and downs the small businesses they serve have experienced. They understand why it is important to help businesses finance equipment because every move is one step closer to those dreams a business owner had when starting out. That next piece of equipment may be the additional revenue needed to hire one more person so that a business owner can delegate some work and take that much needed vacation. It may be the piece of equipment that secures a small company it’s first big project, putting them on a path towards great growth. It also could be someone’s first equipment purchase, that scary first leap someone is taking as they “go out on their own.” HFA gets it, because they live it each and every day and are happy to be on the journey right there beside you.

HFA wants to be your finance and lease source because they can relate to your business, and understand the beauty and frustrations of being a family owned business. They are there to provide outstanding customer service to make a portion of your job that much easier.

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