WIKA Mobile Control Launches New qSCALE Maestro LMI Upgrade Solution

qSCALE maestro LMI

July 17, 2018 - WIKA Mobile Control (WMC) has introduced an upgrade for the qSCALE maestro LMI. The system upgrades DS150G, DS350G/GW, and maestro systems currently in the field. The qSCALE maestro’s flexible design converts existing software, so there’s no need to re-calibrate.  

The qSCALE maestro’s 4.3” color display shows actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius. It has an integrated light bar and event recorder. An external light tower is optional. The console’s IP 66/67 rating lets it be mounted either inside or outside of the cab. 


Before launching the qSCALE maestro, WMC completed several field tests to assess the product’s functionality and programming.  


One of the installations was completed by WMC dealer Skyazul. That installation upgraded an existing maestro system to the new qSCALE maestro on a Grove RT528C.  

“Working with the WMC team, Skyazul participated in the prototype installations with an excellent result,” said Brian Considine of Skyazul. “The new platform is configured to use the original calibration data for fast and trouble-free installation.”  

Considine added that the qSCALE maestro further improves the user interface and functionality of the original systems. “Now with the qSCALE maestro, we can offer customers event recording and optional CAN-bus based features such as an internal and external light bar,” he said. “The open architecture of the qSCALE maestro platform provides opportunities for expandability that we didn’t have before.” 


Another field test was performed by WMC dealer Crane Warning Systems. That installation upgraded an existing DS350G to qSCALE maestro on a Grove TMS-760BXL and incorporated the cable reel upgrade kit (CAN length and CAN angle) along with CAN pressure transducers. “Compared to the original maestro system, the qSCALE maestro was just as easy to install and the sensor alignment was almost identical in regard to time and ease,” said Keith Laurel of Crane Warning Systems.  


The new system lets the customer continue the upgrade path from their DS350G system without costly re-calibration. The customer has offered a lot of positive feedback, says WIKA. “I’ve been using the new qSCALE maestro system on my TMS-760 Grove for five months without any issues,” said Mike Rabon of Black River Crane Rigging. “The display is easy to read and easy to navigate when making changes. I also appreciate the professionalism and care that went into the installation and setup,” Rabon said. “I would highly recommend this system – especially for upgrading LMI’s on older cranes.”





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