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Crane Hot Line

WIKA Mobile Control Provides Wireless System for QMC Cranes

Feb. 16, 2022 - QMC Cranes (QMC) now offers WIKA Mobile Control’s PRS90 wireless multi-sensor indicator as an option on its 40-series and 50-series boom trucks.

The system is widely used as an option for production units and is frequently installed on older cranes when they need a wireless system upgrade.

All of the 4033R and 5034R boom trucks equipped with the PRS90 are currently being used in the precast concrete industry.

Given the harsh working environments that its machines operate in, QMC required a robust wireless system. It chose the PRS90 for many reasons.

According to QMC, one of the WIKA system's many benefits is that it's easy to install and simple to use. That makes it a great fit for less experienced mechanics when upgrading in the field.

In addition, the PRS90 is more robust and reliable than comparable wireless systems. That makes it suitable for unique jobsites and a large variety of applications.

“Our team has been providing the PRS90 system to our customers for several years,” said Brent Petring, general manager of QMC Cranes. “The ease of use, ease of installation, and reliability make the PRS90 a high-quality system, perfect for the tough applications that QMC Cranes see every day.”

The PRS90 system features a 4.3” color graphic display and various wireless sensor options, including angle, load, and anti-two block. The system lets the operator pre-set limits with audible and visual warning and easily modify sensor configurations.


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