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Wolffkran to Feature Three Cranes and MORE Concept at Bauma

Wolff 133 B

March 1, 2019 - Tower crane manufacturer Wolffkran will present itself under the motto Wolffkran MORE at Bauma 2019.


The MORE acronym stands for Manufacturer, Operations, Rental, Expertise. It reflects the entire range of services and the identity of Wolffkran from the manufacturer and rental company to the service provider for high-quality tower cranes.

This year, visitors can expect to see new cranes from Wolffkran and also get insights into many other areas of the company’s business, complementary products, and services that make the company a one-stop provider of comprehensive lifting solutions for construction sites around the world.

Wolff 133 B

At Bauma, Wolffkran will display a strong trio: the new Wolff luffing crane 133 B, the BIG Wolff 1250 B, and the latest Wolff 6020 clear crane.

Wolffkran will present its new hydraulic luffing jib crane, the Wolff 133 B, which is ideal for downtown city construction sites and completes the Wolff family of luffing jib cranes in the lower load-moment range. It will be presented on a City Portal and with an external climbing system.

The display will also feature the largest Wolff luffing-jib crane, the BIG Wolff 1250 B with a maximum jib radius of 262’6” and a maximum lifting capacity of 66 U.S. tons. Although the 1250 B has been seen on construction sites around the world since 2009, this is its first presentation to the general public at a trade show.

The Wolff 6020 clear, the latest member of the clear-family in the 459’ range, completes the Wolff trio. It will be accessible to visitors.

Wolffkran MORE stands for a comprehensive service offer that goes beyond manufacturing cranes. It covers the entire bundle of services related to the rental business, plus complementary products related to tower cranes.

One of those products is a service van that fair visitors can enter to view all equipment and tools.

Also, a film about Wolffkran rental will show all steps, from customer enquiry to crane assembly on the construction site. 

Wolffkran service offerings on display will include the Wolff Link remote data-transmission tool and the Wolff Onsite accessories division. Also, Wolffkran will also introduce the Wolff Crane Configurator, which helps customers put together their crane online according to their needs.

Wolffkran is launching the “Lifting Lounge,” a club for crane operators and professionals. An online portal gives club members the chance to exchange ideas, pictures, and experiences. It also gives members access to an expert, a health and safety forum, special member events, and discounts on merchandise.




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