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Rough Terrain Crane




RT765E 2



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BOOM: 36-110 ft. (ll-33.5m) 4-section, sequenced synchronized full power boom, integral holding valve on the telescope cylinders. Four (4) quick reeve nylatron sheaves in the main boom nose. BOOM EXTENSION: Offset at 0°, 25°, and 45°. BOOM ELEVATION: One double-acting hydraulic cylinder (-3° to 78°) with integral holding valve. LOAD MOMENT AND ANTI-TWO BLOCK SYSTEM ("GRAPHIC LMI"): Audio-visual (light/buzzer) warning system and Grove control lever lockout system with electronic display of boom angle and length, relative load moment indication, rated load, load, radius and boom tip height.The standard Work Area Definition System allows the operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. If the crane approaches the pre-set limits, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding job-site obstructions. CAB: All galvanealed steel with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout, deluxe seat with armrest mounted single-axis controls for crane functions, gauges for engine functions, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, electric horn, windshield washer/wiper, air conditioning, hot water cab heater with defroster, opening skylight with wiper, skylight sunscreen, fire extinguisher, seat belt, circulating air fan, (2) cab mounted work light and level indicator. SWING: 360° continuous rotation planetary "Glide Swing" with foot actuated multi-disc brake, hydraulic swing parking brake, and plungertype 1 position houselock, pinion guard. COUNTERWEIGHT: One piece, pinned to turntable. HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: 3 gear pump system; hydraulic tank with sight level indicator, filter condition gauge, pressure check ports and oil cooler. HOIST: Model HP30A grooved drum main hoist, two speeds power up and down with automatic multi-disc brake, electronic hoist rotation indicator, hoist drum cable follower, hoist mirror, and hoist access platform. Auxiliary hoist control valve arrangement (less hoist) . WIRE ROPE: 500ft (152m) of 3/4" (19mm) diameter 35X7 class installed on main hoist. HOOKBLOCK: 65 ton (60 mt) 5 sheave, "quick reeve" type with swivel hook and safty latch; Wt. 1,250 lb. (567 kg) HEADACHE BALL: 8.3 ton (7.5mt) top swivel with hook and safty latch; Wt 370 lbs (168 kg). OUTRIGGERS: Hydraulic front and rear. Double box and beam with integral check valves and steel outrigger pads, three position setting. ENGINE: Choice inculdes: hourmeter, air service indicator, engine distress audio-visual warning system, cold start aid, and (120 V) immersion type engine block heater. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: (3) 12 V maintenance free batteries provide 12 V starting and lighting with circuit breakers. Battery disconnect switch. DRIVE/STEER: 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel/4 mode steering. TRANSMISSION: Powershift with torque converter, 6 forward and 6 reverse speeds. AXLES: Front planetary axle rigid mounted to chassis frame. Rear planetary axle oscillates up to 8 in. (204 mm); automatic oscillation lockout. BRAKES: Dual line full hydraulic braking system with front axle mounted spring applied parking brake. TIRES: 29.5 X 25 - 28 bias ply. LIGHTS: Full lighting package includes turn indicato+s, head, tail, brake and hazard.


Milwaukee, WI 
United States


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