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The Crane Hot Line Want-to-Buy section was created to allow individuals searching for cranes or crane parts to have direct communication with crane dealers. All postings are searched by the "description" field and any keywords or part numbers should be included there. To search on a "keyword", type the word or part number in the box below and click on the "Keyword Search" button. This search will include matches found only in the Want-To-Buy postings section.

All postings will be deleted after 90 days.

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There are 33 listings that meet your criteria. Click on a listing to view.

Posted Equipment Type Manufacturer Brief Description
09/13/2017 Hydraulic Truck Crane LINK-BELT
08/26/2015 Crane Attachments GROVE We are in search of a boom for a Grove RT865. It can be used or even a machine that is salvage. Please contact us if you know of one.
05/24/2015 Gantry Cranes HYDROSPEX Want to buy above spec, need detail attachment & condition
12/01/2014 Crane Attachments Wanted...Used BOOM and JIB for resale or we will market it for you! Mark Lomas at CranesBoomAndJib Email: Phone: (562) 438-8630 Fax: (562) 438-8630
07/30/2013 All Terrain Crane GROVE Please send location of crane, pricing and pictures.
05/16/2013 Boom Truck MANITEX Want to buy used Manitex 2892S rear mounted boom truck. Can pay up to $100K depending on age and condition. Crane must operate with both sets of (out and down style) outriggers in 3 positions, fully retracted, mid-span and fully extended. Crane and truck must be in good working condition. Open to other manufacturers if these criteria are met. Call Megan at 262-970-5963 or 877-352-7263 or email: Will purchase soon - May 2013. Please call asap.
04/03/2013 Boom Truck Looking for a boom/crane truck: -15 to 22 Tons capacity - 90-110 Ft Reach - Tandem Axle Preferably - Year 2002-2003
04/01/2013 Miscellaneous Cranes Searching for a Tandem 100' -reach boom/crane truck. Capacity should be 17-Ton to 22.5. please send pricing, couple of photos and info to
03/14/2013 Rough Terrain Crane GROVE 1990 Grove RT58C 18 Ton, CB&J#349, 25’ – 60’ 3 Section Full Power Boom, No Jib, Single Winch, Anti-Two-Block, Hook Block, Monted on a Grove Carrier, Deutz Air Cool Engine, Type A Outriggers, Crane Has Some Leaks, Crane Has Not Been Certified! LOCATED IN ARKANSAS.
03/08/2013 Rough Terrain Crane LINK-BELT Looking to purchase a 60-ton or 70-ton crane for a project in Baltimore, MD.