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All Terrain Crane: LBHRR: LTM1120-1

Asking Price:$175,000.00
Listing Number:210310
Type:All Terrain Crane
Serial Number:
Lift Capacity:150
Boom Length:184
Jib Length:69

1997 Liebherr LTM1120/1 150 US Ton (120 Metric Ton) All Terrain Crane With Following Working Spec: - 41ft to 184ft hydraulic boom with 1 base section and 5 telescopic sections, hydraulically extendable under load. All sections extendable independently. - 37ft to 69ft double lattice manual offset swing-away jib for mounting on telescopic boom at 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° - 23ft extension of telescopic boom higher pivoting point for the swing-away jib - Single hoist - Upper has Liebherr 4-cylinder DSL engine 163HP hour reads 23374 hours - Lower has Liebherr 8-Cylinder DSL engine (544HP) kilometer reads 155364 - 35t (77,200 lbs) Full Counterweight (2x10t slab, 1x8t slab, 1x5t slab) - Bridgestone tires 16 R 25 - Drive 10 x 6. Performs crab functionality - Eddy-current brake type TELMA - 1 x Spare rim/wheel - Original Liebherr 3-sheaves hook block - Original Liebherr 1-sheave hook

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Seller Information
Crane Dude
James Roger
2810 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA
Phone: (404)845-7740

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Listing Last Updated: 2018-08-16 10:20:40

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