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Hydraulic Truck Crane: LINKB: HTC1170

Asking Price:$96,000.00
Location:, UT
Listing Number:205739
Type:Hydraulic Truck Crane
Serial Number:
Lift Capacity:70
Boom Length:120
Jib Length:61

1993 Link Belt HTC1170 Hydraulic Truck 120' 4 Section Pwr-Pin Boom with Aux Lift SHV 35’- 61’ S. A. Tele Fly/Jib 2 Winches 2 SPD, DRI, A2B, LMI System, 3/4" Wire Rope 70 Ton 5 SHV John Hook Block 10 Ton John Hook Ball Joystick Cntrls Rotating Cab Beacon 11' Wide Link-Belt 4-Axle Carrier Cumns NTA 855 DSL Fuller RR RT-14609A Trans + Aux. Trans w/ A/V Warning Alarm Front Tires 14:00 R-20 Rear Tires 14:00 R-20 5th Front Outrigger Towing Shackles Diamond Plate Decking And Alum Fenders Crane recently had a small accident going through a guardrail when the operator fell asleep. No damage to the crane itself only to the hydraulic hose in front and minor carrier body damage. All damage has been repaired including having the crane compeltely repainted. Crane has new paint, new fuel tank, 3 or 4 new tires, work done on one outrigger Owned by the seller since 2005, LOC IN UTAH!,

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Seller Information
Mark Lomas-Crane Specialist
PO BOX 17781
Phone: (949)981-1226
Phone: (562)438-8630

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Listing Last Updated: 2019-05-28 12:59:14

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