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Lattice Truck Crane: LINKB: HC258

Asking Price:$120,000.00
Location:Honolulu, HI
Listing Number:210667
Type:Lattice Truck Crane
Serial Number:28G8-966b
Lift Capacity:200
Boom Length:330
Jib Length:70

1976 Link-Belt HC258 Lattice Boom Truck, CB&J#967, 330'' Main Boom, 310' possible: 80" width x 68" length, 70' Jib with 80" width x 24" length, 35' Live Mast used to handle counterweights, outrigger boxes, and jacks. May be used on boom. Cummins NT855-C310 Engine Up, Two Winches with 7/8" Wire Rope, Drum Rotation Indicators, PLL, and Wylie Load Indicator and Wylie Anti-Two Block on both Winches, Link-Belt Boom Limit Switch, 100 ton three Sheave Miller Hook Block, 15 Ton Hook Ball, 11' 10" Wide Link-Belt 12 x 6 Carrier, Cummins KT-450 installed in 2008, New Clutch installed and Radiator was recorded (2008), Front and Rear Tires 14:00 X 24:00 with one spare each, 21,000 lb and 49,000 lb Crane Counterweights, 22,500 lb Bumper Counterweight, 5th Front Outrigger, Delivered to San Diego,CA with only 200' HH Boom, includes 10' & 50' Transition inserts, full counterweights, etc. NO Taper tIp, NO jib, etc. $120,000. O.B.O! Remaining boom is available at additional cost upon request

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Seller Information
Mark Lomas-Crane Specialist
PO BOX 17781
Phone: (949)981-1226

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Listing Last Updated: 2019-06-10 17:51:57

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