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: MANIT: MAX-ER Equipment 225/400

Asking Price:$395,000.00
Location:Denver, CO
Listing Number:210592
Model:MAX-ER Equipment 225/400
Serial Number:
Lift Capacity:
Boom Length:
Jib Length:

MAX-ER 225/400 for Manitowoc M250 & Manitowoc 2250 This package is ready for use with Manitowoc M-250 and Manitowoc 2250 machines. Use your #44 Boom Butt/Inserts for the Mast Butt. All equipment required for MAX-ER use is included in price. Components Included: • Wheeled Counterweight Carrier • MAX-ER Ballast Counterweights • (1) 30’ Transition Boom Insert (#49A-44) • (2) 20’ Boom Inserts (#49A) • (1) 40’ Boom Insert (#49A) • (1) 40’ Boom Butt (#49A) • (1) 40’ Mast Top Section • Equalizer Components • Backstay Components • Back hitch Components • Pendant Components If you are interested, feel free to call TJ Taylor with any questions: 303-514-6669 Price: $395,000.00

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Seller Information
RMS Cranes
TJ Taylor
1900 E 66th Avenue
Denver, CO
Phone: (303)794-7095

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Listing Last Updated: 2019-04-03 09:32:25

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